Missguided praised for mannequins with stretch marks, vitiligo and freckles

The British fast fashion brand is winning applause for its inclusive mannequins.

British fast fashion brand Missguided has introducing a new range of mannequins to its London stores — and they’re not your average posers.

Their real-girl mannequins have natural body features, including stretch marks, vitiligo and freckles, and rep a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds.


Missguided’s new fleet of figurines has received ample praise on social media.  (Missguided)

They’re part of Missguided’s ongoing mission to buck unrealistic industry standards. In December, the brand announced that it would stop airbrushing out models’ stretch marks on its website.

Missguided’s new fleet of figurines has received ample praise on social media.

“This is AH-MAY-ZING! @Missguided are killing it,” tweets Shout Magazine, a UK-based teen glossy.

“Said it once and I’ll say it a million times but I absolutely [love] @Missguided showing life isn’t like an Instagram post,” one user adds.

On the downside, Popsugar notes that Missguided’s mannequins are still pretty svelte. But hey, baby steps.

‘Snapchat Dysmorphia’ causing young people to seek plastic surgery

Plastic surgeons are seeing an increase in young people bringing filtered photos in as inspiration for their desired surgeries.

Snapchat and Instagram filters are changing the way young people look at themselves.

A new phenomenon of using filtered selfies as a guide for plastic surgeons is on the rise, and has been coined “Snapchat Dysmorphia” by Dr. Matthew Schulman, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City.

The filters – an effect that can transform the users facial features, typically by smoothing skin and enlarging eyes and lips – have been accused of making people forget what they truly look like.

“There’s an issue with losing perspective on what you actually look like, and it’s not something we talk about much,” Renee Engeln, professor of psychology at Northwestern University, and author of Beauty Sick: How the Cultural Obsession with Appearance Hurts Girls and Women, said to the Huffington Post.

“It’s not enough [to] have to compare yourself to these perfected images of models, but now you’ve got this daily comparison of your real self to this intentional or unintentional fake self that you present on social media. It’s just one more way to feel like your falling short every day,” Engeln added.

“We’re at a new level when we actually lose touch with our own face or look surprised when we look in the mirror,” she said.

So more are turning to plastic surgery to make that Snapchat filter face a permanent look.

“Everybody basically is using a filter on their own and they’re either taking that next step to bring it to me saying, ‘Hey, this is what I want to look like,’ Schulman said to the Post.

Though Engeln points out, seeking smooth and blemish-free skin isn’t a new concept from the social media age.

“They’re not changing the content of our beauty standards,” she said to the Post. “They’re just making images of it more widely available.”

Dr. Michelle Yagoda, a facial plastic surgeon in New York City, told the Post that constantly seeing altered selfies could have serious negative effects on people’s self-esteem, but doesn’t think that many will be affected by the syndrome.

“I think any time you’re able to shade out imperfections and make a better picture of yourself, it affects the way we see each other and the way we see ourselves,” she said. “I think this is a real problem, but I doubt that it’s going to be significantly affecting more people than regular body dysmorphic disorder does.”

Currently body dysmorphia disorder affects 1.7 to 2.4 percent of the population.

Kylie Jenner releasing makeup collection ‘inspired’ by three-week old daughter Stormi

The reality star welcomed a daughter on Feb. 1, 2018 with boyfriend Travis Scott.

Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi is barely three weeks old, but the 20-year-old reality star is already claiming that her newborn has  “inspired” an entire makeup line.

On Thursday, Kylie Jenner announced the new Weather Collection for her Kylie Cosmetics line, which features such eyeshadow palettes dubbed “Calm Before the Storm” and “Eye of the Storm.”

“I spent a lot of time on this collection, and I put a lot of detail into it. So I’ll do my best to try to show you guys all the fun details,” the 20-year-old mogul said in an Instagram story on Thursday, Allure reports.

That same day, the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and “Life of Kylie” star teased images of the “Weather Collection” products — said to be inspired by “my Stormi” — via Twitter and Instagram. The set is scheduled to drop on Feb. 28.

In addition to the “Calm Before the Storm” and “Eye of the Storm” palettes, fans can expect metallic eyeshadows, matte lipstick and lightning-bolt adorned packaging from Jenner’s latest galactic-centric rollout. Products also include glittery cream shadows with names like Superstar, Twinkle Twinkle and Violet Moon, along with lipsticks like the pitch-black Nightfall, nude Cosmic, and rosey Nova.

Jenner originally announced she had given birth to a daughter on Feb. 4, just three days after the baby was born. A subsequent photo of Stormi shared to Instagram on Feb. 6 later became the most-liked photo in the platform’s history, garnering more than 17 million “likes” to date.

Jenner also made headlines earlier this week, when it was reported that Snapchat stock lost $1.3 billion after Jenner tweeted that she no longer uses the app

Since launching the Kylie Cosmetics line in November 2015, Jenner’s makeup products have repeatedly sold out online and in stores. If demand for her products continues at this rate, Jenner is projected to be a billionaire by age 25, CNBC reported.

Kate Middleton shows off henna tattoo

The Duchess of Cambridge recently picked up a little body art.

The Duchess of Cambridge picked up a henna tattoo when visiting an artist hub with husband Prince William.

The couple visited the opening of a fire station in Sunderland, England, which has been converted into a space for local artists, People reported. The royals enjoyed performances and conversations and, when an 18-year-old artist asked the Duchess if she’d like a henna tattoo, she happily agreed.

hand reuters

The expectant mother let an 18-year-old artist decorate her right hand with a floral henna design.  (Reuters)

The small floral design on her hand is expected to fade away within two weeks.

“I said, ‘Would you like a design?’ and she was like, ‘Yes, if you don’t mind,'” artist Shajida Begum told reporters. “She was saying that it was really pretty. I was just telling her how it works. I was telling her when she can wash it off — I said, ‘When it becomes flaky.'”

Royal enthusiasts need not worry that the henna design poses any threat to her baby due in April. People magazine notes that the natural henna tattoo is safe to use during pregnancy, as it is derived solely from plants.

Later that day, the Duchess traded her heels for boots, tied her hair in a ponytail and put on a hard hat to visit the new Northern Spire bridge over the River Wear, which is currently under construction. She did her part by tightening a bolt, E! News reported.

Justin Trudeau’s wardrobe mocked during India visit: ‘too Indian even for an Indian’

Justin Trudeau and his family were mocked for their over-the-top wardrobe on an official visit to India.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in India with his family Saturday for a weeklong visit, but what’s caught people’s attention the most isn’t his politics but his over-the-top wardrobe.

Trudeau, along with wife Sophie and their three kids, paraded through the country in a variety of Indian garb, taking time for plenty of photo ops, including in front of the Golden Temple in Amritsar and at an event with Bollywood stars.


Indian media outlets called out the Trudeaus for trying too hard, dubbing their looks “too Indian even for an Indian.”

Women Fashion Trends

Related image


It has appropriately been said by fashion masters is and will keep on being a fascinating and energizing year for fashion. With the finish of the worldwide money related emergency and subsidence slant, a change in the fashion world was found in the start of the year and this is proceeding. In all the fashion demonstrates that have occurred up until now, another standard of fashion ascend is seen. The most recent patterns in ladies fashion have been propelled by yesteryear’s exemplary styles with a dash of sex, skin, hues, embellishments and obviously state of mind and marvelousness. Give us a chance to see a portion of the most recent ladies fashion patterns .

Fashion Colors, Prints and Patterns

There is a blend of delicate, fragile styles with energetic look in the Spring/Summer 2010. Most likely, you could follow a touch of past fashion yet blended with present day viewpoint in this season. The famous hues for the year are unbiased shades, calm hues and furthermore different hues like the blues, pinks, tans and shockingly a shading like neon green. A critical part of ladies fashion patterns is that substantial examples and prints, natural tones collaborated with strong and crazy outlines are in this year. So there is not much or humiliating to explore different avenues regarding a nonpartisan clothing, collaborate with splendid shaded footwear like pumps and adornments to convey some shading to your look. Or on the other hand get yourself a perfect dress with colossal flower or different prints all finished, and group it up with designed satchels and tights and hooped gems.

เสื้อผ้าแฟชั่น Trends in Women Fashion Wear

While the most recent decade saw the fashion circuit being commanded by tight pants, the ladies fashion wear patterns has seen the rise of free jeans. So go for a loose pants and toss on a free kurti or tunic this year. Wearing brandishing clothing is likewise a pattern in 2010. So you can find in the fashion stores, creator running suits and fashionable sweat pants. These two patterns have obviously demonstrated that fashion is more centered around comfort, as opposed to looks.

Hot women shorts in brilliant and lively hues have advanced. Vivid stout adornments and extras and enormous glasses assume a noteworthy part in adding style to your troupe. Try not to wear too short shorts in order to make yourself a fashion fiasco. A sultry and hot high dress is in for the individuals who don’t want to wear shorts. This especially looks great on the individuals who have very much conditioned legs and skin.

Full skirts are out and this pattern has been supplanted gauze skirts. Truth be told, the fashion originators have inferred that the swathe skirt is the “it” bit of fashionable attire for ladies for work or a night out. A fitted best gives the ideal thin figure look, complementing the waistline. Smaller than usual skirts in nonpartisan tones are likewise in this year.

Ladies fashion slant has additionally observed the easygoing fitted shirts combined with denim pants looking great on ladies for that cool look. Denim pants will never be leave fashion. There is a rebound of torn pants cooperated with white shirt.

Matching suits as coats and formal pants are still in, offering significance to manly sexual orientation dresses. This has now been stretched out to long length coats with stockings or shorts, with globules and bangles for that ladylike look. The knee length capris, flaunting a conditioned calf, is additionally observed among the more youthful part. It is better than average, cool and still looks hot.

Another fashion incline that apparently is striking and wonderful with some noteworthy styles. Long, floor length dresses are no more. Truth be told ladies will run sleeveless with solid lines to look attractive just by showing enough cleavage, and a cut at the midriff characterizing the bends instead of being secured by wearing a long dress. The noteworthy texture is in fashion.

Fashion Footwear and Accessories

Fashion adornments patterns demonstrate the rise of expansive embellishments. Try not to waver to wear vast estimated chains, striking studs, larger than usual chain sacks, shining wrist trinkets, huge pendants, intense sleeves and rings. Stilettos are out this year. Rather, level shoes, pumps, small foot sole area shoes, and boots with locks and zippers are in.

Queen Letizia of Spain Pulls Off a Daring New Silhouette

Queen Letizia of Spain

Queen Letizia of Spain’s style is relatively understated. Her Majesty’s tastes have generally tended towards sleek and simple: Think, dresses and suiting from Carolina Herrera, tailored separates from Hugo Boss or Nina Ricci, and daywear from Zara. However, earlier this week at the Francisco Cerecedo Journalism Award ceremony in Madrid, she took her style in a new direction, stepping out in a flapper-inspired Teresa Helbig dress, first designed almost a decade ago in 2008.

It’s one of the rare occasions that the Queen has worn a dress above the knee and she managed to pull off the silhouette with her signature sense of grace. Her accessories were as elegant and polished as you’d expect: Prada pumps and a coordinating clutch.

The Anti-Victoria’s Secret Runway Show Proves All Women Can Be Angels

Around this time annually, people around the world become spectators of the spectacle that is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — the self proclaimed “sexiest night on television” and undoubtedly the most exclusive. But this year, a pair of sisters aiming to inspire body positivity flipped the script on the parade of sample-sized women dressed in lingerie and hosted an anti-Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with a focus on real women.

Photo: Jena Rae Torres and Iryna Shostik
Diverse cast of women walk the runway of an anti-Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Alyse and Lexi Scaffidi are the sisters behind the “bitesized” franchise — @bitesizedfitness and @bitesizedsis — where the two promote the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all version of beauty. Although the women are toned, they recognize that their stature still presents limitations. At just 4’11” Alyse admits to Yahoo Lifestyle that she doesn’t see people like herself on any type of runway, which sparked the duo’s idea of putting on their own with the help of Domenick Cucinotta.

“We actually came up with the idea during last year’s VS Fashion Show, as we were sitting there mesmerized by the spectacular fashion designs,” Alyse says. “We wanted to be angels ourselves, but we knew that wouldn’t be possible.”

The impossibility of it doesn’t just apply to the fitness gurus, but of course to millions of other women. And although the Scaffidis couldn’t track down all of the dreamers, they selected a fabulously diverse group of women to walk down their own runway.

“Recreating the VS Fashion Show was our chance to make 21 girls’s dream of being a runway angel come true, and in the process, we hope to inspire body confidence amongst other women,” Alyse shares. “It’s not about celebrating obesity or anorexia, it’s about breaking away from a stereotypical look of what is beautiful and celebrating who you are as a person.”

Photo: Jena Rae Torres and Iryna Shostik
No moon dust. No B.S. Just a completely essential daily guide to achieving the good life.

And celebrating relatable people is exactly what they did. Through family, friends, and social media, the pair got in touch with all of the women they used as models and simply asked them if they wanted to be involved in something that could positively change the mindset of young women. The offer was one that nobody could refuse, and ultimately led to an impactful event.

From the costumes that were designed by each of the women to ensure they felt confident, to the music exclusively written for the occasion and performed by Zach Matari, Alyse reflects on it as a success. But the most important part, of course, was introducing new stories to the dialogue of body positivity.

Photo: Jena Rae Torres and Iryna Shostik Art: Quinn Lemmers
Tessa Snyder, @tessnyder 

Photo: Jena Rae Torres and Iryna Shostik Art: Quinn Lemmers
Jillian Curwin, @jill_ilana. 

Photo: Jena Rae Torres and Iryna Shostik Art: Quinn Lemmers
Lydia Sherice, @iamlydiasherice.

Photo: Jena Rae Torres and Iryna Shostik Art: Quinn Lemmers
Sofia Moore, @glam_by_sofi 

Photo: Jena Rae Torres and Iryna Shostik Art: Quinn Lemmers
Kaitlyn Tobin, @k_moongypsy. 

With such a positive response to their first show, the Scaffidi sisters are already planning on continuing the event through next year and eventually launching the movement into a non-profit.

“We want to help change young women’s opinion of what’s considered beautiful,” Alyse says. “We want to help them embrace beauty in their uniqueness and differences, which will inspire them to chase after their dreams, regardless of society’s opinions.”

Gigi Hadid Almost Totally Wiped Out In Her Couture Gown

Gigi Hadid’s career might be based on strutting her stuff, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t take tumbles like everyone else.

As the 22-year-old was leaving the Glamour Women of the Year Awards hand-in-hand with sister Bella Hadid, she caught herself from hitting the pavement — literally. The model, who looked stunning in a floor-length, gold embellished Zuhair Murad gown, was captured by the paparazzi getting her heels stuck in the fishnet dress’s hemline.

Photo: Getty Images
Gigi Hadid took a bit of tumble as she was leaving the Glamour Women of the Year Awards with her sister Bella.
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Photo: Getty Images
It looks as though the model may have tripped on her long gown.

In true supermodel style, Gigi shook off the stumble and kept on moving.

Perhaps Gigi was still reeling from the excitement of receiving the Supernova Award earlier in the evening. In her emotional acceptance speech, she teared up thanking her family.

Photo: Getty Images
It seems even the most experienced of models can sometimes take a stumble. 

Photo: Getty Images
The model managed to catch her fall and in the words of Gigi’s bestie Taylor Swift, she “shook it off.” 

“To my amazing family whose spiritual and emotional support of me through my life has been my backbone,” she said. “My dad who was a refugee from Palestine and my mom who was just a Dutch farm girl. They worked so hard to make their dreams come true and I hope that you know that I honor you in my work ethic.”

Photo: Getty Images
Earlier in the evening, Gigi made an emotional speech when accepting her Supernova Award.

“I’m so grateful for the life that you gave me,” Gigi gushed. “And for never letting my privilege be an excuse and that you always taught me your work ethic. I feel very grateful to be your daughter.”

Kate Moss and Her Tiny Puppy Have Twinning Winter Street Style

Kate Moss

Kate Moss was spotted out and about in London yesterday with her latest companion, an adorable Chihuahua. The supermodel was seen earlier this month in the Primrose Hill neighborhood of the city picking up essentials for her new puppy, and yesterday’s outing saw the duo in matching cozy knits.

Moss layered up her ensemble with a navajo-inspired, floor-skimming coat and topped things off with a scarf and a marbled cabled knit for contrast and color. Her robin’s egg blue lady bag left her hands free to cradle her tiny dog. Oversized black trousers and optic-white kicks made for a slick finish.

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